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CHEK Holistic Lifestyle coach and author, Suzanne Sweeney, teaches people how to improve health through diet and nutrition, functional movement, and relaxation techniques including meditation and Reiki. Weight loss, mental clarity, improved digestion, and mind-body connection are the some of the wonderful side-effects you’ll experience. Energize Body & Mind is located on the North Shore of Massachusetts, in the beautiful city of Gloucester.

What’s the new thing everyone’s been doing to ward off cold and flu? Using essential oils. There are many different essential oils and numerous ways to use them. Where to begin? I’m fairly new to essential oils (EOs) but so far I like what I smell. My favorite way to use them is to add a few drops to an epsom salt footbath (AHHH!) but […]

Avoid colds & flu and brighten your mood

Energize Body & Mind is offering a second Tai Chi class! Yang style short form for beginners is starting January 4, 2018 at Nadine’s Dance Center in downtown Gloucester, MA. Classes will be held 10:45-11:45. Tai Chi is a complete system of exercise in which the practitioner’s mental focus, breathing, and movements are connected. This focus on whole body coordination and mind-body connection trains the […]

New Tai Chi Class

While a good smoothie can provide us with ​bountiful nutrition, it’s not always the best option in cold winter weather. Winter is the time for hot drinks and warm soups and stews. But what about the convenience of a quick-to-blend smoothie? Not much beats it, but many soups come close. The soups in my book, The Optimal Health Cookbook: Your Guide to Real Food Made […]

Soup is the winter smoothie

Commercial vs cage-free (healthier chickens produce healthier eggs)   Voting with your daily actions is more effective than voting for new laws and restrictions. After reading the summaries for the four Massachusetts ballot questions, I find myself in a tough spot, especially on question 3 (proposed prohibition of certain animal confinement and sale of said animal products). I strongly feel that animals should not be […]

Vote cage-free daily

In a recent interview, Donald Trump was asked what sacrifices he has made. The context of the question was in response to the father of a fallen soldier who, grieving the loss of his son and feeling this loss to be the ultimate sacrifice one can make, claimed “You have sacrificed nothing and no one, Mr. Trump.” This claim came up during the interview, and […]

What have you sacrificed for your country? Maybe more than ...

TGIF has a dual meaning in our household. Not only is another work week nearly complete, but it means tiger nut popovers for breakfast. There are many ways to make a popover and this one is especially unique, not only in shape, but it’s gluten-free and paleo approved– rare finds in a popover. And it’s quick and easy to make and absolutely delicious. You can […]

Breakfast Popovers for 2, al fresco

This winter and early spring season has seen its share of flu and respiratory illness. People who rarely get sick were down for the count. It seems an opportune time to check in with our lymphatic system, which is crucial in combating illness by removing waste and toxins from the body. Function of the lymphatic system The lymphatic system is our drainage system. Lymph (clear […]

Lymph, The Unsung hero

Do you get just a little excited because the holidays are an occasion (excuse) to indulge? It’s time to eat, drink, & be merry after all. Whether you celebrate the holiness of Hanukah or Christmas, or the Solstice and the vibe of the season, the end of the year usually means time off from work, school, and the daily grind. It’s a time meant for […]

Thrive During the Holidays

Children in Nairobi receiving food, love and Reiki, thanks to Suzanne Sweeney‘s mother-in-law, Reiki Teacher Prafulla Ganatra. The Kangemi Charity is a grass-roots charity started by my mother-in-law, Prafulla (a Reiki master/teacher from Nairobi) and a few of her Reiki friends three and a half years ago. The goal is to feed the children of the Kangemi slums, located in Nairobi, Kenya. The slums have […]

Amazing what a group of women can do