The Optimal Health Cookbook

The Optimal Health Cookbook: Your Guide to Real Food Made Easy

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What do all diets have in common? They don’t know you.Healthy food is as personalized as the clothes you wear and the emotions you feel. Your individual physiology determines what healthy food is for you. So let’s get to know you.By following the guidelines laid out in my book, you will determine the best foods for you and your family and learn how to easily prepare them. You’ll feel confident about cooking these delicious recipes that move you toward the healthiest version of yourself.The best way to eat healthy and maintain positive results is to know which foods nourish you and to cook these foods yourself. With my healthful tips and quick and easy recipes, you’ll stop dieting and start thriving.

In this book you will learn to:

  • Test for food intolerance at home and create suitable recipes
  • Cook by intuition according to your body’s physiology and needs
  • Eat gluten-free naturally and stress-free, using whole food
  • Use local ingredients for quick and delicious meals
  • Cook simply, with Indian spices and Italian flare


“I can honestly say that The Optimal Health Cookbook, by Suzanne Sweeney, is among the best books I’ve seen my students produce. The cookbook is beautifully written, colorful, has beautiful, clear photos, and a wealth of sound information on healthy eating… This is definitely a book I will recommend to my own clients, and highly recommend it to any and all of you wanting a perfect compliment to my book How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy!”  –Paul Chek, Founder of The C.H.E.K Institute


“This book gave me new ideas about how to [eat healthy] by showcasing a wide variety of ingredients and preparations. Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing your wisdom!”  -Allison Vander Els, senior research analyst and mom


“She has translated her knowledge, experience, creativity, and care for others into delicious, unfussy recipes that nourish the spirit and speak to the uniqueness of all of us. I love healthy food, but when life gets busy and I’m tempted to cut corners, Suzanne reminds us that keeping it simple keeps the peace within our bodies and our minds.”   -Leah Jones, international development consultant and mom


The Optimal Health Cookbook book helped me lower my blood sugar levels! I am a type II diabetic whose waking blood sugar was 150 on a daily basis. Reading this book made me think about how the food I was eating made me feel. I stopped eating the foods that made me bloated, tired, and unable to concentrate and my waking blood sugar is now consistently sub 90. I was able to reduce my medication and I still enjoy my favorite evening treat. Thank you Suzanne.   -Chris B., software engineer


While my book is not an Ayurveda guide, there are some basic concepts that I touch upon.

According to Ayurveda, a science of natural healing based on the Vedic culture of India, each of us has a certain fundamental energy that governs our body-mind and our environment. This is referred to as our constitution or dosha. Each person’s dosha should be considered when choosing the best food and exercise. Optimal-health is attainable when the environment within us and around us is balanced, yet dynamic, and when we eat and live according to our individual needs. Take this short quiz to find your dosha and how to maintain balance.

Learn more about how to determine your unique needs with a consultation at Energize Body & Mind.

pdficonTake this short quiz to discover your dosha and what foods and lifestyle are right for you.