While a good smoothie can provide us with ​bountiful nutrition, it’s not always the best option in cold winter weather. Winter is the time for hot drinks and warm soups and stews. But what about the convenience of a quick-to-blend smoothie? Not much beats it, but many soups come close. The soups in my book, The Optimal Health Cookbook: Your Guide to Real Food Made […]

Soup is the winter smoothie

TGIF has a dual meaning in our household. Not only is another work week nearly complete, but it means tiger nut popovers for breakfast. There are many ways to make a popover and this one is especially unique, not only in shape, but it’s gluten-free and paleo approved– rare finds in a popover. And it’s quick and easy to make and absolutely delicious. You can […]

Breakfast Popovers for 2, al fresco

Do you get just a little excited because the holidays are an occasion (excuse) to indulge? It’s time to eat, drink, & be merry after all. Whether you celebrate the holiness of Hanukah or Christmas, or the Solstice and the vibe of the season, the end of the year usually means time off from work, school, and the daily grind. It’s a time meant for […]

Thrive During the Holidays