Vote cage-free daily

Commercial egg (LT) vs Gina's egg (RT)

Commercial vs cage-free (healthier chickens produce healthier eggs)


Voting with your daily actions is more effective than voting for new laws and restrictions.

After reading the summaries for the four Massachusetts ballot questions, I find myself in a tough spot, especially on question 3 (proposed prohibition of certain animal confinement and sale of said animal products). I strongly feel that animals should not be caged, certainly not in a way that prevents them from laying down, standing up, turning their heads and bodies, or being clear of their own excrement. However, the best way to prevent farmers from treating their animals this way is to not buy their product. By enforcing laws and restrictions, you haven’t really changed the sentiment of the farmers and those who wish to cage their animals will find ways to get around the laws. People always find ways to get around rules they disagree with. What you’ll end up with is a false sense of what really is.

No one likes being told what to do or how to run their business, especially with a heavy hand, and they will respond with resistance. A more persuasive method is to make your preference known by only buying cage-free, cruelty-free products and eventually farmers will comply if they want to sell you their product and stay in business. Buying local and visiting the farm you buy from is the best course of action to vote cruelty-free, voice your desire for cage-free animals, and ensure you are getting what you expect.

This has been an issue dear to my heart since I can remember. As such, I have purchased organic, cage-free eggs, free-range chicken, etc. most of my adult life and I’ve seen gradual shifts towards this becoming the norm. Plus, healthier animals produce tastier, more nutrient dense food (see egg photo).

If you truly want animals to live a happier, healthier life, vote with your everyday purchases. Let’s shift the sentiment rather than create indignation. The result you’re looking for will come.

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